Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Last Crumb

I am at the last stretch of my journey,
and I have no bread left to sustain me.
Last week, I trod a tough road, and
the last crumb helped me carry the load.
Now, my body's sick and weary.
my lips are dry and thirsty,
and my mind's away from the journey.

Now I rest, mulling over the sky,
feeling the breeze and watching doves fly.
I listen to the earth where I'm lying,
and wonder if this halt would be worthwhile.
But time is running, running, and running,
and I wasted my strength chasing.

Oh Lord of all graces,
Oh God of beauty, songs and phrases.
I pray that manna would fall from heaven,
I pray for bread or fish to keep me living.
Now that I am at this point of exhaustion,
Jesus, nourish me until the next season.