Monday, September 28, 2015


To be loved, my dear, 
may not be the essence of life
for it could be selfishness to think solely
of what the world puts on your hands.
It is rather a need, undoubtedly,
to feel that you're in somebody's heart,
for knowing your worth
can keep you alive.

To be loved, indeed,
isn't the quintessence of life,
for it's often about choosing between 
saving your own skin and sacrifice.
But still, how vital it is!
For it is through receiving
that you learn to give,
it is through being consoled
that you learn to console,
and it is through being loved
that you learn to love.
And that, my dear,
is the essence of life.

Flash of Inspiration

I've never seen the sun shining that bright.
It was warm and calming,
and it sent fire into my heart.
Then that fire kept on burning.

It seemed akin to the first time some rays were upon me
Yet this time, it was lighter,
more peaceful and more beautiful.
Everything seemed to be set in the right place.

It grew, and got warmer and warmer
until it crept into my bones, my heart, my mind.
It has been with me all the time ever since.
It nourishes me, inspires me,
and forces me to become better.

Until this sinks in and disperses, 
I'll move forward, upward.
Someday, I'll touch that sun and won't burn,
for by then we'll be sharing the same warmth.

Monday, September 21, 2015

How to Make Life Flavorful


I used to think of food whenever I heard of the word 'flavorful.' Well, I still do but now, on an entirely different perspective. After reading a few articles and hearing a number of talks that use this adjective to describe work, relationship and life as a whole, adding flavor has become my daily goal.

I once attended a seminar about prayer and the speaker told us that continuously adding flavor to our prayer hour can strengthen our relationship with God. She said that she wakes up at a certain time in the morning each day, goes to a particular room, and spends an hour or two with God. Basically, what she does is she reads the Bible first, then prays intently, then does journal writing. Imagine yourself doing this same routine for one whole year or more. There's nothing wrong with it, of course; but perhaps sooner or later, you would forget its essence and merely do it out of habit. It's usually how our mind and body work. Nevertheless, the speaker chose to give her seemingly dull prayer hour a twist. From time to time, she changes a bit a few things such as:
  • Instead of just sitting with eyes closed while praying, she plays her guitar and sings songs of worship to the Lord;
  • She still reads the Bible but this time, moves on to reading a devotional or inspirational book afterwards;
  • How about a background music while writing a journal?
  • She prays while peacefully taking sips of her morning coffee as if God is her morning buddy.
Interesting, isn't it? I say, this is insightful creativity. Why have I never thought of doing this? I reckon, maybe such things are very basic but not apparent. Ever since, my thinking has been 'there is more to it than there seemed on the surface.' Flavorful. Usually, the most luscious ingredients settle at the bottom. You got to dig it, scoop it then stir it whole to make the food more delectable.

Elsewhere, adding flavor isn't just about being creative and initiating changes. It could also mean taking delight in new things such as involving yourself in something/somewhere you've never been such as:
  • joining a friendly organization,
  • attending an interesting talk or seminar,
  • going to a retreat with people you don't know.
  • traveling to different places,
  • studying a diploma course or an online course, 
  • or watching alone in a movie house.
Fancy up your calendar with colorful post-its, multicolor pen, photos, or anything that would remind you of what to look forward to. Flavorful. Put more spices on your schedule and wake up each day with a smile on your face.

If you're currently having a bad taste of life, be thankful! It's your chance to become the best cook existing, for a good cook can make good food but the best cook can turn a bad-tasting dish into a palatable one.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Defeating the Writer's Block

Break the silence and crack some words.
Go, put bits of your soul into these pages.
Allow that writer in you squeeze herself out
of your warring heart and mind.
Let her decide what is worth a piece,
for she can say what color comes out
from amalgamated black and white.
No need to take sides 
'cause she can see through gray and define it.
Tell its name and you defeat the writer's block.
Let me start at that.