Tuesday, August 26, 2014

That day your dream comes true

I've been longing for that day
when finally I'd get to be
where I know I should be
and do what my heart desires.

That day, I'd wake up in the morning
with a smile on my face and glitter on my eyes.
and with a thankful heart I'd say,
"My dream comes true today."

That day, I'd take a refreshing bath,
wear my best clothes and shoes,
fix my hair, put on my make-up,
all to bring my best self forward.

That day, I would pour forth
the wisdom and knowledge I acquired
over the years of my study,
and I'd do it all with enthusiasm.

That day, I'd spread love,
touch everyone and everything with love,
and leave love in everyone and everything
and still, love would be overpouring within.

That day, however, there could be suffering
or challenges, failure and pain.
My passion would be tested,
my strength and will would be put into the fire.

That day, I'd certainly go home,
hungry, exhausted, maxed out
but still, with a smile on my eyes and glitter on my eyes
and with a grateful heart, I'd say,
"Hey, my dream comes true today."

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Why God is enough for me

Dearest God,

I am sending You my BIG THANKS for being with me far more than anyone can.

You know me well even more than I know myself. You also know how I typically don't say everything that's in my mind and more so, of the reason why I don't. Thank You for I need not to explain myself to You just to be understood.

You've seen the noisiest, most chaotic and bewildered state of my mind. And probably, You are fully aware that I can't always lean on someone to appease it. Thank You for being patient with me, for listening to all my doubts and worries and finally, for telling me what to do during these times.

Whenever I'm scared or feeling blue, I know I can always call You. The thing is, I need not to worry if your cellphone is low batt; or if you would be home if I'd call your landline number; or if you're sleeping or busy; or if you would be unwilling to help me. Despite this big world You're ruling, You've always been available to aid me. Thank You for caring for me as if I'm the only person in the world.

I find confidence in You - something I constantly need. You know how weak I am in the inside. Though I usually forget my worth, You persistently give me means to remember it. Thank You for occasionally reminding me how beautiful and awesome I am in Your eyes. Thank You for having faith in me even whenever I lose faith in myself.

You're already pleased with me even before I make an effort to. I can imagine that You smile and laugh easily, and I really like that. Thank You for tolerating my silly jokes and for appreciating the little things I offer You just like this letter. You're an almighty, all-powerful and all-knowing God. You are totally out of my league, yet you've made it so easy for me to love You.

Do you know that whenever I look up the sky, I feel incredibly fine? Lord, how can you be up there and here with me at the same time?

God, You are enough for me.

Yours always and (please!) forever,