Sunday, November 29, 2015


I am in a journey I didn't wish to start,
and I can see not where I am heading.
My map seems to point to Paradise though,
for the road lies in the Calvary
of bombarding uncertainty
and answered prayers,
but it's the same Calvary of dark abyss
where things are beyond my control,
where there's God's ringing silence,
and where I can only trust His heart.

I am in a journey I didn't wish to start,
and I can see not where I am heading,
so I just keep my eyes looking heavenward,
and my arms outstretched in worship.
I hold only to my faith, to the signs,
to my pain, and to my dreams.
I hold only to God's promises,
to that future, hope and prosperity.

I am in a journey I didn't wish to start.
I can see not where I am heading, but it's fine
for everyday I pray to God for surprises
and keeping things hidden and secret in the meantime
would make the unraveling a lot worthwhile.
Perhaps, God wants me to see
not the end of this journey, for all its worth,
so I could focus not on the end rewards
but on the beauty of the pilgrimage.

Monday, November 16, 2015

One True Love

Make my words thick with wisdom, Oh Lord,
and my songs of praise taste sweet in my lips.
May whatever comes out from the depths of my heart
be a fragrant scent to Your nose
and to the one You've prepared for me.
May we feel Your warmth as our eyes lock
and our hearts beat with the same passion for You.

Lord, we place our hands in Yours.
I pray that You bring us together
once we both brave the path of Adam and Eve
and abandon all other paths yet not ruefully,
once we're healed enough to touch each other's scars
when we run out of wisdom and strength,
and once we're ready to love each other for eternity
and to love You yet for more than our eternity.