Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hot weather? Think of snow and rain.


She locked the front door and set off for a walk.
To where, she wasn't sure.
She just wanted to walk her thoughts away.
It was her rest day.
She got a lot of things to do,
but she can't work without peace of mind. 

A gentle wind grazed her skin.
It was a bit cold.
Thank God,
it was such a nice cloudy morning.

Some dried brown leaf crushed heavily beneath her boot.
Everything seemed like in slow motion,
- the cars, the people around and even the birds in the air.
She wondered.
She brought nothing with her save herself,
but things felt heavy on her shoulders.
She was a little light-headed though.

As she trod the road, the trees swayed their branches 
as if dancing, as if greeting her.
Together, they made music.
She closed her eyes and
listened to the flattering of their leaves.

She lifted her head to meet the sunrays.
Slowly, she felt the heaviness fading.
Indeed, there's peace in nature.

Suddenly, something cold fell on her face.
She opened her eyes and wiped it away.
A cold fluid.
Another one fell onto her palm.
Ice crystal.
A snowflake.

* * *


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Have you looked up the sky today?

Do you love clouds? Well, I do.

I remember when my parents and I traveled to Baguio by car. I laid myself down on the back seat, facing the window. Then I looked at the clouds. They seemed to be keeping a gaze on me while we were running. Everything else below whizzed by so fast - trees, electric lines, houses - everything! While the clouds stayed on my sight and calmly got out of it.

I raised my hand and drew the outline of their curves with my index finger. I formed figures of birds, dolphin, fish and the like. I thought, looking at the sky is like having a glimpse of heaven. I had in my mind a picture of ascension: Jesus, with arms outstretched, went up to heaven. Heaven is above. Sky is above. Hence, sky is where heaven could be.

It was a long bumpy journey to Baguio. Yet, with such a refreshing sight, I fell into sleep peacefully and smiling.

That was years ago. When I got older, I rarely looked up the sky. I became too absorbed with those things that whiz by so fast - people, job, school, goals, pleasure. I started living with these things knowing that they would change and they could go. But I kept a grip on them tightly. I walked through the path to my dreams with them slipping from my hands, and me, trying to catch them. It was exhausting. It was painful. At the end of the day, I might've had everything altogether, but I would feel empty inside.

Look up. I realized that I must not forget to look up the sky again, to gaze at the clouds, to have a glimpse of heaven. When the road gets bumpy or when the waiting gets too long or when I can no longer catch up with a busy world, I must remember that there's something more than this; that above, there remains a cloud calmly moving across the sky; and that there is a God who went up to heaven with arms outstretched, light and unburdened. Perhaps, it's one way to heaven - letting go and surrendering.

My friend, have you looked up the sky today?