Friday, December 12, 2014

Your mere abstraction

I don't know where you are now,
but I have my memories of you.
Anytime, I can close my eyes 
and in your mere abstraction,
I can draw the shape of your face,
your hair, your brows,
your eyes, your nose,
and your lips.
I can deeply breathe
and smell the scent of your skin
and your clothes.
I can lace the fingers of my hands together,
and feel the texture of your palm.
In my mind, I can ask you,
"How's your day?"
and hear your voice,
answering me back.
I can tell you my silly jokes,
and hear your crazy laughter.
Anytime, I can be 
with your mere abstraction,
for as long as I want to, and
just as long as I close my eyes.
In my mind, I can love you
as much as I want to,
and imagine you
loving me back.

Friday, December 5, 2014

You are free

You are free.
I'm untying the strings,
and releasing the chains.
I'm spreading my palms,
and loosening my grip.
Step out and see the world!
I'm unlocking the door for you.
It's about time that you get a hold
of that sort of freedom
which you lost and yearned
for a very long time.
The freedom to fly
and look at the world from above
after being caged for eight years.
The freedom to finally swim
the depths of the ocean
after a long period of containment.
The freedom to jump as high as you can!
And jump with others like you
on the endless width of lilies and water.
Ultimately, the freedom to just be 
whoever you want to be.
You are free!
Make good use of it.
Enjoy it. Don't worry!
As I, too, am free.