Friday, December 12, 2014

Your mere abstraction

I don't know where you are now,
but I have my memories of you.
Anytime, I can close my eyes 
and in your mere abstraction,
I can draw the shape of your face,
your hair, your brows,
your eyes, your nose,
and your lips.
I can deeply breathe
and smell the scent of your skin
and your clothes.
I can lace the fingers of my hands together,
and feel the texture of your palm.
In my mind, I can ask you,
"How's your day?"
and hear your voice,
answering me back.
I can tell you my silly jokes,
and hear your crazy laughter.
Anytime, I can be 
with your mere abstraction,
for as long as I want to, and
just as long as I close my eyes.
In my mind, I can love you
as much as I want to,
and imagine you
loving me back.