Sunday, June 1, 2014

Because We Don't Really Know

Even the most outspoken person won't tell you everything that's inside his head. 

One cannot know a person's entirety and say that he has the right to judge.

Who could claim that he knows EVERYTHING about his mother, father, brother, sister, best friend or lover? What more to a person you just saw walking along the street or eating at the table next to yours?

The thing is we don't really know.

We don't really know if he's been having a rough day at school/work,
or if he's not feeling well
or if he's just got heartbroken
or if he has a developmental crisis
or if he was raised that way
or if he's been exposed to that environment 
or if he has a dark past
or if he's keeping a secret
or if he hasn't learned that lesson yet
or if he's just different from you
or if he, too, doesn't know.

We're just looking at the tip of an iceberg, they say.

Don't judge.
Don't hate. 
Be considerate.
Be kind. 
Always understand.

Why should we?

Because we don't really know.

Or rather, 

they don't really know.