Monday, January 19, 2015

One day, I dreamed to be truly loved by a man.

One day, I dreamed to be truly loved by a man.

A man who may be way different from me,
but understands me.
He, who takes pleasure in our differences,
and is willing to make compromises.

A man who may be different from me
in many or some aspects, but shares my faith.
He, who is a lover of God.

A man who brings me closer to God.
He, who reminds me of how loving God is
just by making me feel loved himself.

A man who thinks I am lovable,
beautiful despite all imperfections.
But of course, he, who makes me feel that I truly am.

A man whom I can come to when I'm lonely,
or disappointed, or angry, or frustrated,
and won't judge me for how I feel.
He, who would try to appease me
because he cares.

A man who does not hide the truth.
He, who is secured with the truth,
and prepared to face the truth.

A man who makes time for me,
who proves that he wants to be with me.
He, who makes way for us
without excuses, only pure desire.

A man who takes pride on my achievements
or little successes.
He, who supports my dreams,
and motivates me towards them.

A man who may lose his temper,
but does his best to keep his cool.
He, who, at the end of it all, prioritizes
to not hurt me in any way.

Most of all, a man who is decided to love me.
He, who stands by that decision
and would be happy to stay with me
come hell or high water.