Sunday, September 10, 2017

Forgotten Present

I am sorry, Present.
You're a gift I've been taking for granted.
I keep thinking about Past and Future,
When all I ever have for you.
So at this moment, allow me to remember
Who you are.

You are sacred
For you are the space in time where God and I meet,
Where God's words are spoken the loudest,
Where His presence is the warmest,
And where God is just being Himself.

You are the reality
For you're the world where there is real breeze,
Real heat and real coldness,
Real sunrise and real sunset,
Real skin and real breath.

You are beautiful.
You are the detail I always miss,
The splendor of heaven 
Revealed in tiny things.
You are both God and man's triumph.

You are mine.
Past has already died.
Future has never been born.
But you, Present,
You live.