Thursday, February 6, 2014

How did you know?

I can see it in your eyes. That part of you which is far different from what you're showing. Your eyes tell me everything - your feelings, your thoughts, your secrets, your desires...your soul. They cannot lie, they cannot hide. It's in your eyes that I can see the real you because they always show what's inside you.

I don't have to see how you cried last night. Your eyes are puffy, dried and tired.

I don't have to hear how angry you are now. Your eyes look defensive and strong yet numb.

Whenever you're smiling, I can say that it's genuine if your eyes are curved and sparkling. Otherwise, it's either you're just too tired or faking.

Your eyes widen when you're surprised or shocked or excited. Along with this, your wrinkled brow would tell that it's a bad news.

You're guilty of trying to hide something whenever your eyes are evasive. Either it's about something wrong you've done or something you think is wrong about you.

Your eyes always beg to be understood.  They heed for acceptance. Your eyes say that there's something painful and rueful about your past, and that it's better to leave it unsaid. I can see it in the deepest color of your eyes.

Other than the observable, my eyes themselves connect with yours to understand everything else about you.

How did I know? I can see it all in your eyes. I bet you can see it all in mine too.