Sunday, February 2, 2014

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

It's been calling me since I was a kid.
That Voice, I surely won't forget.
It resonates in me everytime It speaks.
It echoes the desires of my heart.
It brightens up my world.
That Voice, which I heard one holy night.
It used to bring me in ecstasy.
Now, It pierces me in the heart.

I once was decided to bring it on until the end.
I planned to follow that Voice.
I dreamed of prostrating myself in front of the altar,
and of wearing that ring of infinity.
I imagined myself in a habit,
and holding my rosary near to my heart.
I was determined to give it all up,
just to follow that Voice
which I heard one holy night.

However, one day, the heavens suddenly changed;
the sun went to sleep,
and the sky turned red and gray.
T'was not a bad sunset, nonetheless.
My world topsy-turvied,
and the Voice seemed to change itself
to something a lot more real
and equally wonderful.

I never thought that something impossible
could ever be this concrete and possible.
My thick wall got penetrated,
and my heart was enfettered.
Everything drastically changed
beautifully yet with more difficulty.
I more than enjoyed his company.
And essentially, I felt that life could go on
even with him, only.

After this, there came the storm.
I got no shade; I got nowhere to go.
I was all wet, cold and undecided.
I ran as fast as I could until I knew I had to face it.
From the dark sky, roared a thunder.
That same Voice shook the ground, asking
"Which to choose, and which to give up?
Where to go, and what to leave?"

I sat down and pressed my legs against my chest.
There I was, amid the cold heavy rain, lost in reverie.
There I was, stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Which calling should I respond to,
a vocational life, entirely offered to God
or a life with someone I love with the love of God?