Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Wanna Pig Out, But I Can't.

I wanna pig out, but I can't. It's difficult to live in destitution (I'm referring to all types, I guess) and crave for mounds of food at the same time. I actually find it hard to sleep every night because each time I close my eyes, salivating images of pizza, burger, chocolates, sushi and a lot more penetrate my mind. (Alright, that's quite an exaggeration. But real or not, haven't you, yourself, experienced a craving akin to that in your whole life?) So to put somewhat an end to my voracious thoughts, here I am, making a list of foods which I swear to eat once my lucky wealthy days come. That'll come, of course. I declare it. So here my list goes:

Lugawan sa Herran
I'll never forget the first time I chanced to eat the flavorful special goto in Lugawan sa Herran.
I learned about the humble legendary eatery when I was in highschool. I don't know if it already gave birth to branches, but that one I visited was in San Andres, Manila. I think their goto was the best I've ever tasted. With the first sip or bite or however you want to start it, you'll surely be surprised by the rice's dense flavor produced by the well-tempered blend of meat and condiments. Combine it with a hard-boiled egg and some pig or chicken parts, and certainly, you'll find yourself craving for more (like me)!

Lots a Pizza

You might have already heard about, or seen Lots a Pizza in several places. It's so far the cheapest, but definitely worth-more-than-the-price pizza I've ever chowed down. And they come in different sizes and toppings! Fortunately, as it can be read on the image above, you can avail two large boxes plus 1.5 L of Coke for only P299 and P399, depending on the type of pizza you want! I personally don't have a particular favorite because based off of my experience, almost all their flavors can render satisfying bite.

I'm really not a fan of Korean gourmet, but this one has, indeed, delighted my taste buds. Specifically, I've learned to love the Ramyeon of Seoul Express located at the Fort. I've actually tasted other Ramyeons, but none save this, got me craving for more. I wish I got a picture of that mouthwatering (and I guess, nose-watering too) noodles so I can post it here, but I think that that hearty evening meal made me forget everything else in the world. The seafood, noodles and all other ingredients (which I'm not that familiar with) in it plus the punch of spice made this Korean noodles perfectly palatable!

McChicken Burger

I believe I've already tried all types of burger in McDonald's when I was in college. But among these, I personally declare McChicken as the best and I think, the healthiest too. For me, its mere smell is appetizing (but for others, it's a bit the other way around). And it's quite given that Mcdo's chicken is a far-out, so putting it in a bun plus lettuce and mayonnaise makes the whole burger more than a far-out.

Big 'n Tasty Burger
Big 'n Tasty Burger is, for me, Mcdo's second best and, as it appears, second to the healthiest too. What I love most about this burger is that it's stuffed with vegetables. The veggies put a crunch in every bite, and help neutralize the overwhelming cheese and rich meaty flavor of the patty. In relation to that, I could say that this burger is generally balanced in terms of nutrition compared to other burgers. Really, what's spending a hundred for such a "big" and "tasty" burger as this? I should ask that to myself, isn't it.

Chicken Joy with Jolly Spaghetti
Gosh. I know this looks like any other ordinary for-birthday-bash, or easy to cook, home-made foods, but we, Filipinos, know that Jollibee has a way of making chicken and spaghetti super extra special. You know, I just can't stop thinking about that crispy-licious, juicy-licious chicken dunked in that gravy, and of that lip biting, luscious, (always) well-cooked pasta. Got a tagline for this: Once tasted, always wanted! I can eat 3 orders of that at maximum if my purse and stomach would allow it.

Saisaki's California Maki
I don't know what's with Saisaki's California Maki, but I personally think that it stands above other california makis I've tasted. I've actually been to a lot of sushi stores (well, not that "a lot"), so I got quite a chance to compare it. Maki is specifically my favorite sushi. I enjoy the unique blend of mango, rice, crab stick, nori and the measly orange eggs, all huddled together, then dipped into kikkoman with calamansi. But the moment I took one whole chunk of Saisaki's california maki into my mouth, my eyes widened and some crazy heavenly music played to my ear. I feel like there's something special in it which is not present in other makis.

Hershey's Cookies and Cream
Of course, I've also been thinking about my dessert. I actually love white chocolates more than brown or dark chocolates. Milk and sugar formed into a bar seems to be way too satisfying for me. However, Hershey's Cookies and Cream has always always blow me away. I like the idea of having the sweet cream overpowering the itsy bitsy tinnie winnie yet numerous cookies. Just a little square of it can make me really happy!