Tuesday, March 31, 2015

He, who truly loves

Oh, how I wish I could caress Your cheeks,
and look lovingly on You,
- straight in Your eyes!
I want You to feel how much I love You
and how I love loving You.
You are utterly beautiful, Lord.
Your presence feels warm in my soul.

Because of You, I feel like
I have too much love to give
that sometimes,
my heart's like bursting!
But give me strength, Lord.
A whole lot of it!
For I know that this brings pain
just as much.

Fill me with wisdom,
calm my spirit,
appease my soul!
Prepare me, my Lord,
for a long purpose-driven journey
for now, I can see myself
treading this world
with a loving heart,
but with You, Lord.
Yes, with you!
You, who truly loves.